Kirsten Amann is a freelance writer specializing in cocktails, wine, and food.headshot-image2 Her writing has appeared in DailyCandy, The Second Glass, The Weekly Dig, the Massachusetts Beverage Business, and Bachelor II

Kirsten writes and manages editorial content for the LUPEC Boston blog and coauthors the LUPEC Boston column in the The Weekly Dig and the Massachusetts Beverage Business under the byline “Pink Lady”. She is an avid blogger and is presently at work on her first book, Undercover Blonde.

When Kirsten isn’t ruminating on blondeness for the Undercover Blonde blog she has kept since 2005, or obsessing about cocktails, food, and wine for her publicist and freelance writing jobs, she enjoys reading other blogs, books, and travel.

Kirsten spends several nights a week working as a waitress/blonde spy at Toro, acclaimed chef Ken Oringer’s popular tapas restaurant. She was recently featured in a story about the service industry on

Recent clips:

Media Reel

12.07.09 how2heroes: Silent Night Punch

12.07.09 how2heroes: Sherry EggNog

6.3.2009 how2heroes: Gin Daisy

6.3.2009 how2heroes: Mint Julep

6.3.2009 how2heroes: Rebujito Spritzer Cocktail Demo

2.3.2009 how2heroes: Grenadine Demo

2.3.2009 how2heroes: Pink Lady Cocktail Demo

2.3.2009 how2heroes: About Kirsten Amann

Daily Candy – Boston Edition

2.17.2009 Think Small: Small Can Be Big Charitable Website

2.4.2009 Snow What? DIY Adult Beverage Sno-Cones

1.7.2009 Cooler Shaker: The Boston Shaker Cocktail Tool & Supply Opens

12.31.2009 An Ounce of Prevention: LUPEC Boston Hangover Cures

Tales of the Cocktail – Blog

6.15.2009 How to Drink All Day at Tales Without Getting (Too) Drunk

5.15.2009 The Best Medicine: New Orleans Pharmacists

Massachusetts Beverage Business – Endangered Cocktail of the Month

3.2010 Irish Coffee

2.2010 The Daiquiri

1.2010 The Widow’s Kiss

12.2009 French 75

11.2009 The Whisky Skin

10.2009 The “Improved” Holland Gin Cock-Tail

9.2009 The Blinker

8.2009 The Pimm’s Cup

7.2009 The Gin Daisy

6.2009 The Mexican Eagle

5.2009 Moscow Mule

4.2009 Champagne Cocktails

3.2009 Hot Buttered Rum

The Weekly Dig [LUPEC]

6.10.2009 Drink All Day Without Getting (Too) Drunk

6.3.2009 Norma Jeane, The Artichoke Queen

5.27.2009 Sally K. Ride: America’s First Lady of Space

5.20.2009 A Toast to Lady Lindy’s Maiden Voyage: May It Go Down Smoother Than the Flight

5.13.2009 Take It With You: Packing Up Packie Goodness

5.6.2009 Cocktail’s Origin: Where the Bittered Sling Got Its Name

3.11.2009 The Missus of Laphroig: How Scotch Came to a Secretary

2.4.2009 Suggested Reading for Burgeoning Cocktail Nerds: Part I: Modern-day Must Haves

1.28.2009 Reconsider Vermouth: Dirty, Meet Dry

1.21.2009 When Rum Ruled: And Molasses Flowed

12.16.2008 Hot Toddy: Keeping Noses Clean for Over 200 Years

12.02.2008 75 Years of Repeal‘s Appeal: A Tribute to Speakeasy Broad Texas Guinan

11.25.2008 Lemonheads: Make Liqueur in the Comfort of Your Own Home

11.18.2008 Reinventing the Mules: Back When Vodka Had No Friends

The Weekly Dig [EATS + DRINKS]

3.25.2009 LUPEC Boston’s Well-Mannered Bar Crawl: Ladylike Imbibers, All

9.24.2008 Five Drink Minimum: Eastern Standard

7.2008 A Most Unprecedented Pretzel Index: We Love You…Knot!

6.25.2008 Genius on the Half Shell

The Second Glass

6.8.2009 Spotlight: Galicia, Northwest Spain

5.21.2009 A Spanish Wine Adventure – Day 5

5.14.2009 A Spanish Wine Adventure – Day 4

5.5.2009 A Spanish Wine Adventure – Day 3

4.29.2009 A Spanish Wine Adventure – Day 2

4.21.2009 Five Days in Barcelona: A Spanish Wine Adventure – Day 1

7.17.2008 Bizkaiko Txakolina: A Mouthful in More Ways than One

6.24.2008 Pink is the New Black: Four Rosés

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